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Professional Matchmaking

Professional Matchmaking

Professional Matchmaking is an increasingly popular alternative to online dating for sincere singles looking for a lasting relationship. Unlike online dating or any other way most singles meet, all our clients are screened in person and background checked. The result is a more direct path to happiness, without all the game-playing. Plus, our team is behind you every step of the way!

Feeling of Safety

Behind every profile on a typical online dating site is a stranger, not only to you, but to the dating company too. Anyone can write anything in an online dating profile. Plus, no one verifies them. Wouldn’t you feel better if someone got to know you personally, selected suitable matches for you, ran background checks on them, met each one in person and then introduced you? That’s what we do.
It's Easy

It’s Easy

Answer a few questions. If you qualify, schedule a time to meet with us and learn about our matchmaking process. Our experienced matchmakers are ready to go to work to bring about the change you want in your life. Unique, quality singles like you have already taken the first step. They are waiting to meet you.

Who We Are

The team behind Edmonton Matchmakers has been helping singles find love for more than 25 years. Our dedicated staff and professional Matchmakers live to help sincere singles like you meet each other and achieve their dating and relationship goals. We leverage Internet technology to broaden our search and provide clients with fast and easy access. But we also welcome you to our office to get to know the people that will be working on your behalf.

Online Dating Vs. Matchmaking

It’s likely that you’ve tried online dating, or at least know friends who have. You join a website, create a profile, and then go shopping member profiles for someone to reach out to. If, after several rejections and ignores, your emails are answered, you make a date to meet a stranger. Unless it’s your first time, you’ll spend your first dates guardedly seeking the truth about the person you’re meeting, because you’ve learned you can’t depend on anyone’s profile being truthful. You can waste tons of your time, money and emotional energy repeating this vicious cycle.

Professional Matchmaking is not for everyone. But if you like the idea of having a professional Matchmaker hand-select introductions that most closely match your predefined requests, and only going on dates with people that are worth your time, you will love working with our team here at Edmonton Matchmakers.

What We Do

Your relationship with Edmonton Matchmakers begins with a background check. We check you for the benefit of all our clients, so you can rest easy knowing that everyone we introduce you to will have passed the same screening process as you.

We get to know you and learn what you’re looking for. Yes, you’ll fill out some questionnaires. But you’ll also spend time with us face-to-face so we can learn more about your dating history, your present circumstances and your future hopes and dreams.

We search on your behalf for the right people for you. Not only in our current database, but we actively market for the right singles for you.

We make introductions and you go on dates. This is the fun part. These are real people, so there’s no guarantee a match will like you. But if there’s chemistry, you have a real shot at love because you’ll already know you’re compatible or we wouldn’t have matched you two in the first place.

That last point is key because almost every other way of meeting people starts with physical attraction. Next thing you know you’ve been “dating” for a year or more when it occurs to at least one of you that you don’t even like the other person.

We believe our success comes from making sure matches are compatible with each other before finding out if you have chemistry. This may seem counterintuitive, but it works!

You give us feedback after each date. We use your feedback to fine-tune our efforts, if need be. Then we rinse and repeat this process until you call or email us to let us know you want to put your membership on hold because you think you’ve found the one and you’re having the time of your life together!

That’s it. This process has turned hundreds of quality singles like you into happy couples who are now done looking for the love of their life and are now busy enjoying each other’s company.

3 Good Reasons to Give Us a Try

1. Finding the right person is key to your long-term happiness.

The person you choose to spend your life with is probably the single biggest decision you will ever make in your entire life. Going it alone in any other area of your life, such as your medical health, rarely works out well for anyone. The same is often true when it comes to the mate selection process and finding the right person for you.

Translation: Investing in professional relationship help and guidance is just plain smart.

2. Professional Matchmaking is easy and efficient.

We do all the work. You just show up and be yourself with quality people who are looking for someone just like you. By placing yourself in the company of like-minded people seeking long-term relationships, you give yourself the best chance for a direct path to happiness and avoid future regrets over missed opportunities or wasted time, money and energy dating the wrong people.

Translation: Leveraging your time, money and energy by hiring a professional to assist in your search for love is key to maintaining a healthy, happy life.

3. Your safety, security and sanity are worth their weight in gold.

Between the lying, the game-playing, the emotional buffeting and the growing insecurity of online dating today, many people are beginning to give up on dating altogether. In fact, a lot of singles have begun avoiding typical singles scenes like bars and nightclubs too, in favor of quiet evenings at home or get-togethers with friends. Frankly, we don’t blame them. But the fact that it seems to be getting harder and harder to meet sincere singles today, despite all the new technology, is tragic. But it doesn’t have to be.

Translation: You owe it to yourself to at least consider the alternative.